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Youth for Tribal Government Student Book

Part of the Youth for Tribal Government Curriculum. The book has a 4-color cover and spiral binding containing four units as follows:
Unit One: Foundations of Tribal Governance
Unit Two: Tribal Governments in Action
Unit Three: Indians and the U.S. Government
Unit Four: Serving your Tribal Government.
Each of the units is divided into chapters. Each chapter ends with learning exercises called "Stepping Out." The exercises, which are designed for a variety of age groups, are the major learning strategies. They are designed to get students talking to people, conducting further research, exploring new information resources (including the Internet) and applying what they learn for the benefit of their community. 114 pages.
Kirke Kickingbird & Lynn Shelby Kickingbird
©Kickingbird Associates; 2001; ISBN# 0-9712434-0-9.
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