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Empowering Your Organization Through Strategic Planning

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" said that guru of organizational growth, Yogi Berra.  Yet that's how many businesses and organizations operate.  A strategic plan can help you know not only which fork to take and how and when, but also build clarity, commitment, and momentum to help your organization, business or project succeed.  A variety of strategic planning models and their relative strengths and weaknesses will be explored.
Topics include:
-Purpose, benefits and outcomes of strategic planning.
-Essential elements of strategic planning.
-Models compared regarding sequence, time, costs.
-Deciding whether to include program audits, value  propositions, and focus groups in the process.
-Refining mission and vision as part of the process.
-Determining who to involve in the process and how?
-The role of consultants and how to select one that suits your needs.
- The role of strategic, bold and hairy goals that lead to positive change.
- Encouraging breakthrough thinking.
- Formats for presenting the plan.
- Communicating the plan to your internal and external publics.
- Pitfalls of strategic planning.
-Key strategies for effective implementation.

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